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Today: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014

Wetlands Mapping

WA is home to many different varieties of wetlands, from tidal mangroves and billabongs, to salt lakes and fresh water springs.

In order to manage those wetlands appropriately, we need to know where they exist and what type of wetland they are.

Waterlogged wetlands can often go unrecognised in the wider community. Comprehensive wetland mapping provides a mechanism for ensuring the extent of wetland and all types of wetland get noticed so they can be incorporated adequately into the State's management activities. 

Wetland mapping, classification and evaluation has been undertaken, to varying degrees, in some regions of Western Australia (go to Technical reports for the list of wetland studies).

The following datasets are available online:


    Download the map:icon Available Wetland Mapping in WA (286.85 kB) (October 2011)

    The benefits of wetland mapping are numerous and include:

    • Informing conservation planners
    • Informing land use planners
    • Landholder education of different wetland types and of wetland extent
    • On ground management tool
    • Increasing understanding of wetlands
    • Increasing WA's wetland inventory
    • Spatial recognition of wetlands.