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Today: Saturday, 20 Sep 2014

Climate change

Western Australia is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change in the developed world. The State is already experiencing climate change impacts - and further substantial impacts are inevitable.

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The Western Australian Government is rising to the challenge through innovative and collaborative action and is committed to leading the Western Australian response to climate change. 

The State Government established the Office of Climate Change in May 2007 to coordinate a whole of government response to the twin challenges of climate change adaptation and mitigation. Now re-named, the Climate Change Unit is located within the Department of Environment and Conservation and is responsible for the whole of State Government coordination of policy and strategy regarding the economic, environmental and social impacts of climate change.

Climate Change Strategy

The state government has released its Climate Change Strategy, entitled Adapting to our changing climate, which outlines the key climate change challenges the state will face and the strategic approach it will need to take to address them.

icon Adapting to our changing climate -  October 2012 (1.11 MB)

Report on the changing climate of WA

DEC, CSIRO and BoM released a report on the changing climate of Western Australia. The report which synthesised the research of the Indian Ocean Climate Initiative Stage 3 (IOCI3) provides an insight into the further drying of the climate of south-west WA and the likely intensification of future tropical cyclones impacting on north-west WA, amongst other things.

IOCI3, a research partnership between the WA Government, CSIRO and BoM, concluded its research in June 2012.

icon Indian Ocean Climate Initiative Stage 3: Summary for Policymakers (2.19 MB)

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