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The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) is committed to the development and implementation of environmental management policies and practices that will contribute to, or independently yield sustainability outcomes, now and in the future.

A key role for the department is to establish and implement awareness and education programs promoting environmentally sustainable practices in the community, industry and government sectors.

The State Sustainability Strategy, released by the Office of the Premier in September 2003, was aimed at shaping and advancing the sustainability agenda throughout Western Australia. The Strategy contained a vision, principles, goals and concepts, and presented global and local views and trends on sustainability, to enhance awareness, understanding and promote increased involvement with sustainability directions and initiatives.

Under the Minister for Environment, DEC has responsibility for promoting and supporting implementation of, and reporting on, the State Sustainability Strategy.

DEC also works with local government to help establish partnership arrangements between State and local government to progress major sustainability policies and initiatives of mutual interest to the government sector.

The sustainability agenda has matured considerably since 2003 and significant sustainability related policies have been progressed by the State Government since then. State agencies, the private sector, local government and non-government organisations have also developed, implemented and advanced a wide range of substantial sustainability initiatives.

Academic institutions, community groups and individual households have also taken up the challenge of promoting and/or adopting practices, and pursuing initiatives aimed at contributing to sustainability throughout the State.

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