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Today: Friday, 25 Apr 2014

Cape Peron Snorkel Trail

Snorkelling - Click to View Larger Cape Peron is one of the best shore dive and snorkeling sites in Perth. The waters surrounding the limestone headland are dotted with reefs, which are home to a diversity of marine life. This marine community is a mix of plant and animal species from two vast marine zones, the temperate to the south and the tropical to the north. The nearby Shoalwater Islands are also home to a host of plants and animals, including the Australian sealion and breeding colonies of the little penguin.

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park was created to conserve this special marine environment while continuing to provide recreational, educational and commercial opportunities for an increasing number of Park users. Above the high water mark Cape Peron is part of the Rockingham Lakes Regional Park , an area also identified as having significant conservation, landscape and recreational values.

Take The Plunge

park map - Click for larger image The Cape Peron Snorkel Trail is a great way to experience the underwater wonders of the Marine Park. A series of plinths on the seafloor mounted with interpretive signs will help you to explore a complex and diverse reef community. The trail is a 60 metre circuit in 2 to 3 metres of water that is suited to a range of ages and abilities. Please use the safety tips below as a guide to help you have an enjoyable and safe experience.

Take a Tour! 

Whet your appetite for this amazing underwater world here on a guided tour of the Cape Peron Snorkel Trail with local expert, Madge the red-lipped morwong. Take a Tour with Madge.

Things You Need To Know

Be smart: Don't snorkel alone. Go with a buddy. Be competent in the use of your gear and check it before you enter the water.

Be calm: Choose calm conditions to enjoy a safer snorkel. In summer, a morning snorkel is best before the afternoon sea breeze arrives. ‘Kiddies Cove', to the immediate east of the trail offers an alternative snorkel sites if you prefer shallower, more protected waters.

Be steady: Wear protective footwear and cross the shallow reef platform that leads to the start of the trail with care. The surface is uneven and slippery. Where possible walk on bare surfaces to avoid trampling marine life.

Be safe : Avoid disturbing marine life. Some animals are dangerous. Don't put bare hands into crevices or holes.

Be wise: Help protect Park values and leave the natural environment as you find it, for all to enjoy. Remember, your safety in the Park is our concern but your responsibility.

Where is it?

Trail Map - Click for larger image

Cape Peron is situated in the City of Rockingham approximately 45 km south of Perth City.

Travelling time:
Approximately 40-50 minutes from Perth City

Major Roads leading to Cape Peron include:
(from North) Rockingham Road or Kwinana Freeway and Thomas Road, then Patterson Road, Parkin Street; (from South) Ennis Avenue, Safety Bay Road. Cape Peron can be accessed via Point Peron Road.

Public toilets and taps are located at the public boat ramp off Point Peron Road, 150 metres to the west of the Garden Island Causeway intersection.


Looking after marine and coastal environments

Illustration of Madge the FishHelp look after Shoalwater Islands Marine Park by getting involved and recording your underwater observations here:

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